Termites are often called white ants.
Termites are terribly destructive creatures that can cause very serious damage to your home.  
The scary part about termite infestation is that it may go on for years before you notice.  
Floor beams, ceilings and walls can, and will, be ravaged by wood eating termites.  Termites often cause
structural damage that can endanger the safety of your home.  It is important to always be vigilant to termite
affected areas and to get rid of termites as quickly and effectively as possible.
Types of Termites
There are two types of termites – the drywood termite and the subterranean termite.  
The subterranean termite is the most destructive type.  They are often called white ants
because they resemble, well, a white ant.  
Act Fast
Do not dawdle once you determine that
you have termites.  Termite damage can
be severe.  It is imperative to get rid of
termites as soon as you discover them.  
There are ways to get rid of termites by
yourself, but you may not want to risk
home remedies.  You may have to call an
exterminator.  Exterminators,
unfortunately, may be an expensive (yet
necessary) option.
Finding Termites
It takes a bit of sleuthing to determine if termites have been chewing on your house.  To
get rid of termites, you must first know where the termites are.  Take the handle of a
screwdriver and tap the wood in your house to search for termites.  Tap the visible
floorboards and joists in your basement and any exposed timber everywhere else in your
house, including the attic.  When you hear a hollow sound, poke the sharp end of the
screwdriver into the wood.  You may have termite damage if the wood gives easily.  Outside
your home, examine the perimeter of your house for slightly raised tunnels in the ground.  
These tunnels are solid evidence of subterranean termites.
Dry Termite Baits
Dry bait systems have become the most
popular termite control system.  Dry bait
systems use plastic stakes loaded with termite
inviting lures that are pushed into the ground.  
Wood is placed inside the stakes to attract
termites.  Many baits should be placed around
your home and should be checked frequently.  
Once termites have been found, a slow-acting
chemical is placed in with the wood.  The
termites will take the chemical back to their
colonies and it will be spread it’s toxins
throughout the termite population.  Dry termite
baits are an excellent way to get rid of termites
because they cause much less environmental
damage than older liquid bait systems.  
However, dry bait systems are a bit more
expensive because many baits must be set, the
baits must be checked frequently, and the
chemicals used are slower than traditional liquid
methods, taking several months to be entirely
effective.  Sentricon is a popular dry bait system.
Get Rid of Termites
Termite Havens
Termites eat the cellulose in wood, so
keeping unnecessary wood away from your
home is a very important approach in
guarding against termites.  Pick up any
stray logs, branches and boards that may
be lying around your property.  Keep mulch
away from the house foundation.  Stacks of
firewood?  Raise them off the ground with
a metal firewood holder.  Termites love
wet places, so eliminate dripping water
and areas where water settles in the
ground near your house.  
Liquid Treatments
Liquid termiticides may be used when
you need to kill or repel termites
immediately.  Several hundred gallons
of very toxic chemicals are pumped
into the ground around your home.  
The liquid will do one of two things.  It
will repel termites by creating a
chemical barrier that termites can not
cross, or it will kill termites
immediately on contact.  The benefits
of liquid treatments are that they work
quickly and it is less expensive than dry
bait systems.  They will also protect
your home for years.  The downside of
this is that these very nasty chemicals
will be active in your soil for many
years.  These chemicals are
environmentally unfriendly.  Termidor
is a popular brand of liquid bait.
You Can Get Rid of Termites
Let’s not make bones about it.  Termites are destructive creatures that can seriously damage your home.  They should
be dealt with immediately.  Termite infestations can be found with a thorough inspection of the wood inside your house
and the ground around the perimetet of the house.  A trained termite exterminator should be called if the infestation is
serious.  The terminator will employ one of two methods to get rid of termites – a dry bait system or a liquid treatment.  
To protect against termites, you should be on guard for stray pieces of wood and wet ground areas near your house.  Good
luck in your battle with the treacherous termites!
Termite tunnels are a sure sign of infestation
Sites and Blogs about Termites
A few of our favorite termite sites are Kill The Termites, Termite Extermination for Beginners, Getting Rid of Termites, and  How To Get Rid of Stuff.  These
sites are fountains of information for getting rid of termites.
Telltale termite damage
There are excellent products available
online.   Amazon offers a comprehensive
list of brand name products at inexpensive
cost in their Home and Garden Store.  They
even have a special section for Pest
Control.  Amazon is the largest online
purveyor of pest control products.
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