Sugar ants are annoying creatures that invade our homes, eat our food, and are not the easiest things to get
rid of.  Sugar ant is a generic term used to describe any ant that is drawn to sweet foods.  Other names are
pavement ant, Pharoah ant, black ant, odorous house ant, and of course, the crazy ant.  All these ants are
different, but they exhibit the ability to find a way into your house and form a trail between their colonies and
your sweet food.  Fortunately, you can be successful in controlling and getting rid of sugar ants.
Where Ants Live
Ants are very interesting in the way they set up their nests and colonies.  They form
intricate and sophisticated patterns of colonization, and will have inside and outside nests.  
Ants invade your home from late spring to early fall.  The vast majority of ants live outside,
but they will smell your food and venture indoors to feed and to bring food back to their
nests.  They also make smaller indoor colonies, so you need an indoor-outdoor strategy to
effectively get rid of ants.
Keeping a clean house is the simplest
way to control ants in your home.  Ants
love to find food in dirty places like sinks,
countertops and pantry floors.  Make sure
you fully clean your sink in the evening.  
Wipe it down, put away any dishes and
clean it with a mild bleach solution or a
cleaner that contains bleach.  Clean your
counters just as well, making sure to clean
hard to reach places like corners and
edges where ants will travel.  Finally,
sweep and vacuum your floor.  Food
invariably falls on the floor and ants will
make a trail right to it.
Ant Traps
You can make or buy ant traps, also known as sweet baits.  Ant traps from the store
contain boric acid, a harmless poison that will kill ants slowly.  This is an effective way to get
rid of sugar ants.  Ants will return to their colonies with the sweet bait and disperse the
boric acid to other ants.  Keep in mind that ant control will not be noticed for several days
after you set out the traps.  You can make your own ant traps with a sweet lure like honey
or chocolate laced with boric acid.  You should, of course, always keep these traps away
from children and pets.
Cloves and Bay Leaves
Sugar ants do not like cloves.  Leading
researchers have not specifcally pinpointed the
reason, but ants will not come near cloves.  
Placing whole cloves around your house is an
easy, safe and inexpensive way to get rid of ants.  
Place cloves in food areas and areas where ants
enter your home.  Ants follow scent trails (ants
are really fascinating creatures) and the cloves
will disrupt their patterns.  Cloves and bay leaves,
when combined with sweet traps, increase your
chances of successfully controlling ants.
Get Rid of Sugar Ants
Hint -- Don't Leave Huge
Mounds of Sugar Laying Around
Outdoor Ant Control
It is important to get rid of outdoor ants.  Simply killing ants inside your home is not enough
to completely controlling ants.  A permethrin based product should be sprayed around the
base of your home.  Products containing permethrin are available in most lawn and garden
centers.  It is a safe product that is biodegradable.  It is important to use an outdoor strategy
when fighting ants.  
Clean.  Clean.  Clean.
You Can Get Rid of Ants
Sugar ants are bothersome creatures that will invade your home, eat your food, and generally annoy you.  It is
relatively simple to get rid of ants.  Keeping your house clean is very important.  This will reduce the lure of sweets to the
ants.  Ant traps employing boric acid are an effective way to control ants.  They can be store bought or home made.  
Cloves and bay leaves are repulsive to sugar ants, so strategic placement will disrupt ants.  Outdoor ant control using
commercially available ant products is also necessary to fully get rid of ants.  Good luck to you and your ant problem!
Ants are known for their sweet teeth!
Bay Leaves
Sites and Blogs about Ants
A few of our favorite ant sites are eHow,  Article Snatch,  Green Sahm and  Gardening Care.  These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of ants.
There are excellent products available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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