Aerobic exercise burns calories.
The food pyramid
Stomach Fat
Different people see fat build up in
different areas.  Some see excess
fat in their thighs, butts or
stomach.  No matter where the fat
collects, the solution is always the
same.  Eat less, exercise more!
Getting rid of stomach fat is simultaneously easy and
hard.  There is only one way to lose fat from your belly
or any other part of your body.  A long term strategy of
a healthy diet and exercise is the sure way to lose
unsightly fat.  The math of weight loss is intellectually
easy to understand -- fewer calories in, more calories
out.  Actually doing this can often be very difficult.  
However, since you have read this entire common
sense article we believe you can do it!  Good luck in
your fight against stomach fat.
Where is Your Fat?
Get Rid of Stomach Fat
Aerobic Exercise
Along with reducing calories through a
better diet, you should expend calories
with exercise.  Aerobic exercise is best for
burning calories.  Once again, you know
what works.  Walking, jogging, biking,
swimming, the treadmill, elliptical machine
and rowing machines are all wonderful ways
to spend your calories.  Try interval training
for best results.  Yes, it’s hard, but won’t it be worth it when you start to see
your stomach slowly and surely shrink.  
Fat accumulates on our body as the number of
calories we take in exceeds the number of calories
we spend.   There are 3500 calories in a pound, so
if we retain an additional 350 calories/day it will take
ten days to add a pound.  Conversely, it will take ten
days to lose a pound if we burn an additional 350
daily calories.  The equation for shedding fat is straightforward and it is
important to understand that it will take time, perseverance and dedication.
Do the Math
NEVER Watch Videos Like This
Dunlap’s Disease is the technical term for the fat that accumulates around your midsection.  
Used in a sentence, “I can’t see my shoes because my belly Dunlaps over my belt.”  Stomach
fat drives many people to do crazy things such as buying bogus exercise equipment from
infomercials and nutritional supplements with questionable ingredients.  However, sane
people know that stomach fat can be reduced by following a very simple formula.
You Can Get Rid of Stomach Fat
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Reduce your Calorie Intake
Once again, very simple stuff.  You know what’s bad
for you, so cut down on the sweets, fats, sugary
drinks, greasy foods and unnecessary snacks.  A lot of
people “graze” through their pantries and refrigerators
thinking that a handful of chips or a spoonful of ice
cream won’t make a difference.  But they do.  All those
small, innocent treats add up.  You should take a long
hard look at the food pyramid if you are serious about
losing the fat around your belly.  
Oily Hair
Run, do not walk, away from any weight loss program that claims to miraculously shed fat from your body.  
Crash diets will not work over the long term.  Purging and laxatives should never be considered, nor should
prolonged fasts, smoking or so called “miracle” drugs.  Just because you have some stomach fat does not
make you stupid.  Don’t be a dupe in your efforts to knock some pounds from your body.  Follow a safe and
sane program of improved diet and exercise.
What Not To Do
Skunk Smell
Dog Urine Smell
Can’t you do 100 daily sit ups to reduce that unsightly roll of fat around your
stomach?  Not really.  Fat does not simply vanish in the area of intense
exercise.  This is why you should not spend money on abdomen reducing
equipment if your intent is to lose stomach fat.  There is nothing wrong with
developing six pack abs, but no one will see them under your lard.  Better eat
less and exercise more until you get to the point that you can see your stomach
muscles.  Then you can make three easy payments of $19.95 for the
Abdominizer you always wanted.
Spot Training
This article is intended to educate and entertain.  The author of this site does not accept responsibility for any damage or injury
resulting from information dispersed on this site.  Always check with experts when dealing with dangerous substances and situations.
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Stomach Fat
Beer is loaded with calories.
Twelve ounces of beer contains an
again, do the math.  A beer a day
means 15 extra pounds of fat each
year.  They don’t call it a beer gut
contain around 95 calories, good for
10 pounds each year.  Wine’s the
same.  So are scotch, gin, rum and
whiskey.  All alcoholic beveredges
contain a load of calories so
remember the old adage
“Everything in moderation.”  
Ted Curtis in his younger days.
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