Stink bugs turn brown in fall.
Sink bugs are green in spring and summer.
Stink bugs are brown in autumn.
Stink bugs offer a fascinating example of how insects and other pests travel around the
globe.  They appeared in the United States for the first time in 2001 after hitching a ride
on a cargo ship from Asia.  They have spread rapidly since then and have become a major pest.  
Stink bugs, well, they stink.  They emit a foul odor when disturbed or attacked.  The odor is a
deterrent against predators and also a terribly pungent reminder that you have a pest
problem.  Surprisingly, there are few easy ways to get rid of stink bugs, but there a few
steps you can take against these pungent pests.
What Stink Bugs Look Like
Vacuuming is an effective strategy to get rid of
stink bugs but you must be very careful when
handling the vacuum bags.  Vacuuming will not kill
the insects, but it will disturb them enough that
they may emit their smell.  Work quickly to remove
the vacuum bag, place in an airtight plastic
garbage sack and throw it out far away from your
home or any other inhabitable area.
You Can Get Rid of Stink Bugs
Stink bugs are relatively new to the United States and they are rapidly spreading as an unwanted pest.  
They emit a foul odor when attacked or disturbed so extreme caution should be used when dealing with
these smelly creatures.  Never squish them and be careful when vacuuming them for fear of their dreaded
smelly chemical.  You should seal off all entry points around your home.  Pesticides are somewhat effective
against stink bugs but you may need to call in an exterminator for complete eradication.  Good luck in your
battle against the stinky, stinky stink bug.
What to Do – Maybe …
Stink bugs are active from early spring to late
fall and their color changes throughout the year.  
They are bright green in spring and late summer then
turn to grayish-brown by fall.  They have distinctive
five-segmented antennae and their back looks like a protective shield.  In fact,
they are often called shield bugs.
Trained professionals should be brought in if you have a serious stink bug
problem.  We often try to do everything ourselves, but sometimes it’s OK to ask for
help.  Exterminators exist for a reason.  There are times when you really do need to
ask a pro to ply his trade.  This may be one of those times.
Get Rid of Stink Bugs   
Stink Bug Damage
Before entering your home in late
fall, stink bugs live and feed on
vegetation around your home.  They
can be found on the undersides of
leaves and their piercers will produce
unsightly damage to your plants and
vegetables.  You can pick stink bugs
off your plants but always wear
gloves and be careful not to squeeze
to hard (or else …)
Professional Exterminators
Do not under any circumstances squish, squash, stomp,  crush or snuff out
stink bugs.   Any squishing, squashing, stomping, crushing and snuffing will
result in the release of a malodorous chemical.  You will be sorry.
What Not To Do!
Stink bugs come into your home during the fall
months.  They are looking for a bright, warm place
to overwinter and any crack or crevice in your
home invites these critters to come on in.   
Conduct a thorough inspection of your home and
seal up any entry points you may see.  Check your
outside foundation, water spigots, siding, windows
and window sills, doors, basement and attic.  You
will find openings and you should caulk them shut.
What to Do – For Sure
Unfortunately few organic and
home remedies exist that get rid of  
stink bugs.  Go figure!  This presents
a wonderful opportunity for a daring
innovator not afraid of getting
sprayed with noxious fumes in the
name of science.
Organic Stink Bug Control
There are excellent products
available online.  Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their
Home and Garden Store.  They even
have a special section for Pest
Control.  Amazon is the largest
online purveyor of pest control
Sites and Blogs about Stink Bugs
A few of our favorite stink bug sites.  Check them out for great information.
Cindy Capitani in The Daily Record                                        Ask The Exterminator                                                              
Stink Bug Video
You may not want to hear this but
pesticides may be the best solution
for stink bug problems.  And even
pesticides are not 100%
guaranteed to work.  Products
containing synthetic pyrethroids
break down in sunlight so they will
only be effective for a short time
and will need to be repeatedly
applied.  Foggers and other liquid
treatments also have limited
effectiveness.  Let’s face it, the
stink bug is one tough character to
Stink bug nymphs of a leaf underside
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