Spiders - Irrationally Feared Creatures
Spiders are one of the most feared and reviled creatures on earth.  No one quite knows why we love
to hate spiders like we do.  Arachnophobia is real, and there are people who would rather jump off a
cliff than take on a spider.  But in reality, most spiders are harmless.  There are a few spiders, like the
brown recluse and the black widow, which can cause serious harm if they bite. The majority of spiders
only bite when threatened and their bites are usually less bothersome than a mosquito or fly bite.  As
irrational as it seems, spider fear still exists.  Fortunately you can get rid of spiders fairly easily if they
scare the bajeebers out of you.
Predator Spiders
Spiders love to eat other bugs and insects.  They catch them in webs.  Spiders
have bad eyesight but great sense of vibration.  When they feel their helpless prey struggling
to free itself (which is very difficult due to the wonderfully efficient properties of spider
webbing), spiders will come down the web and feed.  You can make your home less
hospitable to spiders by reducing the other insects that live there.
If you should be bitten by a spider,
watch very carefully for signs of allergic
reaction.  Shortness of breath, nausea
and inability to swallow are clear signs to
immediately seek medical attention.  
Brown recluse and black widow spider
bites often inflict great pain and anguish
and can sometimes cause death.  Most
spider bites are harmless, but do not fool
around if you experience ominous
Quit Being a Slob
Many insects and pests are drawn to rotting food.  The more bugs that are drawn to the
food, the more spiders you will have.  Place all discarded food in tightly sealed garbage cans
and regularly remove the garbage.
Spiders love to live in cool dry places like cardboard boxes and stacks of paper.  Check
your basement and storage areas for spiders living in these items.  And spiders are no
dummies.  They won't set up shop in a visible area with a lot of foot traffic.  You've got to
search for spider digs in out of the way, dark places.  If you dare ...
Get Rid of Spiders        
Outdoor Lights
Have you ever noticed how bugs are
attracted to your outdoor lights?  Well,
spiders notice this too.  Keeping your
lights off will reduce both your bug and
spider populations.  Consider yellow
sodium “bug lights” if you want to retain
your outdoor lighting.
Where Spiders Live
Here's a hint:  Throwing a live spider
down a drain with running water does
not work.  The spider will curl up into a
ball and create an air pocket until their
fun little water ride is over.  It will then
climb right out of your sink.
Spiders and Drains
Picking Up Spiders
No great skill is required to pick up a spider.  They are not particularly fast or devious.
 Simply wad up a paper towel and scoop it up.  Release it outdoors, or if you so desire,
stomp it under your shoe (mean you).   A vacuum will work just as nicely if you are
loathe to catch a spider by hand, albeit with less personal satisfaction.
Removing or ruining a spider web does not get rid of a
spider unless you take out the spider at the same time.  
Spider spin webs in a location because their prey is in the
area.  If you don’t get the spider it will promptly build
another web in the same location!
Web Demolition Does Not Work
traps that will ensnare spiders on a sticky There are commercially available surface.  Isn’t that ironic – a spider getting
trapped by something sticky?  
Spider Traps
Anecdotal Remedies
There are a host of remedies that spider-haters swear by.  Washing your windows with
ammonia seems to repel spiders. Hedge apples (available in supermarkets during the
summer months) are an anathema to spiders.  Spiders hate the smell of cedar chips and
eucalyptus leaves, so spreading these around your house will keep spiders away and
provide you with a rather pleasant scent.  
Spider Bites
You Can Get Rid of Spiders
Spiders are usually beneficial creatures because they eat other pests.  However, people fear and hate spiders
more than most other critters in their homes.  You can get rid of spiders by removing other bugs and insects from
your home.  This can be accomplished by removing rotting food and garbage and keeping your outside lights off.  
Check cardboard and paper for spiders.  You can pick spiders up with a paper towel or vacuum them up.  Spider
traps are available to catch spiders and there are a host of well known remedies that will get rid of spiders.  Good
luck to you as you do battle with your eight legged foe!
Poisonous Brown Recluse Spider
Spider Webs are Engineering Marvels
Spider Traps
Sites and Blogs about Spiders
A few of our favorite spider sites are  Stretcher,  Gainesville Times,  Associated Content and   wikiHow.  These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of
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