Slugs and snails differ by their backwear.
Slugs are ugly, disgusting creatures that eat your plants and can ruin your garden’s environment.  Slugs and
snails are basically the same.  The only difference is that snails carry a hard coiled shell on their backs.  
Fortunately, you can get rid of slugs very easily because they … are … so… slow.  The slug is the world’s slowest
moving animal, motoring around at 0.03 mph.  Getting rid of slugs is simply done with home remedies.
Drink Up Little Sluggy
Slugs will eat your plants
Beer has yeast, and slugs love yeast.  Pour some beer into a shallow paper plate and set
out at night in the area where you see slugs.  They will be attracted to the smell, climb into
the beer and promptly drown.  Throw away the plate and slugs the next morning and
repeat the process for a few nights until you are rid of slugs.
Picking Up Slugs
Some people oddly think it is a zen-like
to pick up slugs by hand and
placing them in a tub or bucket of
saltwater.  They find it very satisfying to
see immediate results from their labors.  
This collection method, however, may
take a long time because slugs do not
swarm in one place.  You need to go
searching for them with a flashlight at
night to find them.  
Slugs Love Dark Moist Places
A good way to get rid of a lot of slugs at once is to create an inviting environment for
them.  After luring many slugs to a dark and dank place, you can easily eliminate several at
a time.  A board resting gently on grass or mulch is an excellent assembling place for slugs
at night.  Turn the board over the next morning and you will find lots of slugs to get rid of.  
An upside-down pot will also do the trick.  
Mix water and ammonia (six parts water to one part
ammonia) in a spray bottle and mist slugs to get rid of
them quickly.  The slugs will dissolve.
Pouring salt on slugs is an easy way to Be careful not to put salt on or near your garden
soil.  Salt can seriously damage your plants.
Get Rid of Slugs
Iron Phosphate Baits
Spread these pellets in your garden and sidewalk for
effective slug control.  Iron phosphate is safe for plants,
people and pets.  The chemical will force slugs to stop
eating and they will starve in a few days.  The most
popular brands are Sluggo and Escar-Go!
Copper slightly shocks slugs, and they will be repelled from areas that are lined with
copper tape.  Copper tape can be purchased online or in hardware stores and garden
centers.  It is effective when placed around individual plants or small garden sections.  It is a
more expensive method of getting rid of slugs, but it doesn’t kill them.  It just keeps them
away form the specific plant(s) you want to save.
No Need to Poison Slugs
There are poisons that will kill slugs, but
they contain some pretty nasty toxins that
are not the best things to put in your garden
and yard area.  These poisons are not
recommended since there are so many
effective and safe home remedies that get
rid of slugs.
You Can Get Rid of Slugs
Fortunately, slugs are one of the easiest garden and lawn nuisances to get rid of.  Beer traps, salt, ammonia, copper
tape and iron phosphate baits are all effective tactics.  So is picking up the slugs by hand and drowning them in saltwater.  
Have no fear the next time you see a slug and his sluggy friends.  You can easily get rid of them.
Sluggo has a great product name!
Sites and Blogs about Slugs
A few of our favorite slug sites are  Hub Pages, Henrietta's Herbal, Thirteen Ways to Stop Your Sluggies and Garden Web.  These sites are fonts of information
for getting rid of slugs.
There are excellent products available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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