Baking Soda
Hydrogen Peroxide
Skunk Smell
Skunks spray to defend
themselves when they feel
threatened.  They do not use this
defense mechanism “willy-nilly”
because they only have a limited
amount of liquid available.  It takes
up to ten days for a skunk to
replenish its resevoir.  The horrible
odor is created by a combination of
sulfurous chemicals, methly and
butly thiols, that are located in
their anal glands (you really
wanted to know this) and can be
sprayed up to fifteen feet.
Getting sprayed by a skunk is not a fun event for
you or your pet because it covers you with a terrible
smelling combination of sulfurous chemicals.  
However, with some fast action and some common
household items you can get rid of the smell.  A
combination of hydrogen peroxide (or vingegar) with
baking soda and dish detergent will effectively
counteract the smell.  Remember that you must work
quickly with this solution and keep it away from your
eyes.  Tomato juice does not work so don’t even try
it.  A number of commercial products are also
available at pet stores that mimic the solution
described above.  It is important to work with haste
because the faster you treat the smell the better
your chances for success.  Good luck with your
skirmish with skunk smell.
Why Skunks Spray
Get Rid of Skunk Smell
Stay Away from Skunks
The best way to avoid getting sprayed by skunks is
to avoid them.  Duh.  Skunks will not squirt their foul
juices immediately upon sight.  Upon seeing a
potential aggressor they will first pad their paws,
then they will turn tail.  Only after this routine will
they spray.  This is pretty easy for you to
understand, but try telling that to your dog when he
sees a playful little skunk.  
Soaking in a bath tub filled with tomato juice
may have worked in a 1960’s sitcom, but it
does not work in real life.  Don’t even waste
your time.  The idea behind this urban myth
is that the acid in the tomato juice will break
down and diffuse the oily skunk spray.  In
reality, all it does is make you feel silly for bathing
in juice.  Of course soaking your clothes in tomato juice has the benefit of
staining them red, but it won’t get rid of the smell.
Tomato Juice Does Not Work
A Great Skunk Smell Video
You never thought it would happen to you, but you’ve been skunked.  Or more likely
your dog has been skunked.  A cute little critter has seen fit to splash you or your pet
with its foul smelling, long lasting spray.  It doesn’t happen very often in life but when
it does you really want to get rid of this odoriferous accident.  Fortunately there are
some good techniques to reduce skunk smell.
You Can Get Rid of Skunk Smell
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Time is of the essence when you are getting rid of skunk smell.  Throw your
clothes in the washing machine as soon as you can.  Do not mix your smelly
clothes with anything else, and pre-treat the clothes with an additional cleaner if
you have one on hand.  Speed is important because you don’t want the skunk
chemicals to set into the fabric of your clothes.
Poison Ivy
Commercial Products
There are products designed
specifically for skunk smell removal,
but they won’t be in the aisle of
your local supermarket.  Try the big
pet chains like PetSmart.  Nature’s
Miracle makes a good product.  
Cleaning sprays like Febreeze and
Simple Green are pretty effective in
masking the smell on furniture and
fabrics but they will not remove the
Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap
This is the best solution for getting rid of skunk smell.  Combine
one quart of hydrogen peroxide with one quarter cup of baking
soda and a teaspoon of dish washing detergent.  The mixture
will begin to foam.  Shampoo the mixture onto the spray victim
and rub vigorously.  You must work quickly because the chemical
reaction is unstable and will soon lose its effectiveness.  Rinse
thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary.  You may also
substitute vinegar for the hydrogen peroxide.
Wash Your Clothes Immediately
Oily Hair
Stay away from skunks.
This article is intended to educate and entertain.  The author of this site does not accept responsibility for any damage or injury
resulting from information dispersed on this site.  Always check with experts when dealing with dangerous substances and situations.
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