Prepare Your Skin
Here’s the best shaving tip you will
ever receive.  Go out and buy
yourself one of those fog-free
mirrors that you can stick up in your
shower, and then enjoy the luxury
and decadence of shaving while
showering.  Not only will you moisten
and soften your skin adequately, but
the steam will continue to provide
optimal shaving conditions.
Razor bumps are an irritating skin condition caused
by ingrown hairs that curl back into your skin.  
Improper shaving technique is the villain in this vile
tragedy of poor face care.  Learn how to shave
correctly in order to get rid of razor burn.  Always
moisten your face adequately before shaving to
soften and relax your hair.  Actively rub in a good
shaving cream and let it sit for a few minutes before
shaving.  Clean your razor between shaves and try to
avoid multi-blade models.  A wash of witch hazel and
salicylic acid is an effective home remedy.  Good luck
with your rumble against razor bumps!
Shave in the Shower
Soften and relax your skin before
shaving to guard against razor bumps.  
Some people advocate placing a hot
washcloth on your face for 3-5 minutes
before shaving.  Others prefer the face massage technique whereby you
continually rub hot water into your beard.
Get Rid of Razor Bumps
Avoid Shaving to Avoid Razor Bumps
If you can go an extra day between shaves, by all means do!  Frequent
shaving leads to frequent skin irritation, which leads to a higher likelihood of
razor bumps.
Those two, three, five and seventeen blade razors are really quite effective.  
They do provide a close shave.  Unfortunately, a closer shave is more likely to
cause razor bumps.  Disposable one blade models offer a less irritating (though
less successful) shave.  Another alternative is to use an electric razor.  Your
shave will not be quite as close but it will reduce the
chances of a poorly cut hair curling back into your skin.
Rub shaving cream deeply into your beard and leave it
on your skin for a few minutes before shaving.  This will
help to soften and moisturize your face.  And remember,
not all shaving creams are equal.  Select a product that
touts its “anti-razor bump” qualities.  It will contain
ingredients specially designed to treat susceptible skin.    
Shaving Cream
Sites and Blogs about Razor Bumps
A few of our favorite razor bump  sites.  Check them out for great information.
Men Science                         How To Get Rid of Stuff                                                              
Go Herbal Remedies            I Love India
Hokey Shaving Technique Video
There are excellent products available online.   
Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Health and
Personal Care Store.  Amazon is the largest online
purveyor of health and personal care products.
Unsightly razor bumps are red, irritating splotches that are caused by improper
shaving technique.  When you cut a hair at an angle it will tend to curl back and
cut into your skin.  Your body sees this as an invasion and reacts to fight the area
in an effort to stop infection.   The result is inflamed red bumps on your skin.  
Razor usually appear individually or in small clusters.  A large area of razor bumps
may indicate the larger problem known as Barber’s rash that can turn into a more
serious infectious situation.  Fortunately, razor bumps are easy to get rid of with
proper shaving methods.
You Can Get Rid of Razor Bumps
An aspiring dissolved in witch hazel is a famous
home remedy for razor bumps.  Aspirin contains
salicylic acid which combines with the astringent witch
hazel.  The result is an exfoliant that gently dissolves
the skin around the infected follicle, allowing the
offending hair to grow more naturally.  
Witch Hazel and Aspirin
Stop the Insanity of Multi-Blades
Get in the habit of cleaning your
razor after you use it.  Fill a jar with
rubbing alcohol and dip your razor
daily.  This will kill bacteria which will
infect your ingrown hairs the next
time you use your razor.  This simple
act is singularly important to fight
further infection.
Clean Your Razor
Your skin is highly sensitive to the
ingrown hairs that cause razor
bumps.  Don’t make the situation
worse by touching, rubbing or
squeezing the bumps.  It will just
cause more irritation and swelling.  
Don’t Touch Razor Bumps
The cause of razor bumps
Proper face prep is necessary
Shaving in the shower is great
Witch Hazel smells wonderful
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