Poison Ivy Identification
You must remove the entire root
system to effectively kill poison ivy.  
You can kill all the stems and leaves
but the plant will come back unless
you take out the root.  Dig up the
earth around the plant and follow the
root to its source, and then yank it out
entirely.   Don’t touch the root with
bare skin because it is as toxic as the
rest of plant.  Work when the soil is
moist to make root removal easier.
Poison ivy is covered with the irritant urushiol oil
that causes a red itchy rash when it comes into
contact with human skin.  Poison ivy is easily
identified by its telltale three shiny leaves.  The only
way to get rid of poison ivy permanently is to remove
its entire root system.  Cover your entire body
including face, mouth and nose before handling
poison ivy and dispose of the ivy carefully and
responsibly.  Good luck in press against poison ivy.
The Poison Ivy Root
There’s an old saying “Leaf of Three,
Let it be”
that applies to poison ivy.  
The three shiny leaves are telltale
markers of the dreaded plant.  The
problem with the adage is that if you
“let it be” then it will continue to grow and become a larger problem.  You must
aggressively attack poison ivy if you want to get rid of it.
Get Rid of Poison Ivy
Where Poison Ivy Grows
Poison ivy grows as a vine in the eastern
and southern United States and as a shrub
in the north and west.  It is usually found
as a ground cover growing on or near trees
and at the edges of a field or by the
Commercially available herbicides
like Round Up are all good poison ivy
killers but they are highly toxic.  
Follow all the label precautions and
never use in the vicinity of children
and pets.  The poison in these
products will kill the unwanted plant
but it will also kill other desirable
plants and leech into the ground
Poison Ivy Herbicides
How to Get Rid of ...
It is possible to kill poison ivy by depriving it of
light and oxygen.  Completely cover the ivy with a
plastic tarp long enough for it to die then remove
the entire plant including the roots.  Be extremely
careful when handling dead poison ivy because the
urushiol oil still remain on the ex-plant.
Smother Poison Ivy
Make sure you are properly protected before doing battle with poison ivy.  
Urushiol oil is pretty potent stuff and the smallest amounts will cause a rash.  
Wear long pants, long gloves, long socks, close-toed shoes, goggles, a cap,
mouth and nose guard.  Then wrap yourself in plastic shrink wrap and begin
work.  Well, the shrink wrap may not be necessary, but you get the idea.
Protect Yourself from Poison Ivy
Sites and Blogs about Poison Ivy
A few of our favorite poison ivy  sites.  Check them out for great information.
wikiHow                               Jyoti Shah in EduBook                                                                
Health News Digest             PoisonIvy.org
A Perilously Boring Poison Ivy Video
Many people swear by a homemade spray consisting of vinegar, salt and dish
soap.  Add one cup of salt to one gallon of vinegar and boil.  Add a few drops of
dish soap and pour into a spray bottle.  Several applications of this natural remedy
will be necessary to completely kill the plant with this environmentally safe solution
and you will still need to remove the root to ensure its total eradication.
Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy
There are excellent products
available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their
Home and Garden Store.  Amazon is
the largest online purveyor of quality
Poison ivy is covered with urushiol oil, a powerful irritant that causes a rash
when it comes in contact with your skin.  The oil is found on the surface of the leaf
and is also found in posion oak and poison sumac.  The rash itches like “the
dickens” and can drive a sane person to distraction.  This article deals with how to
get rid of the poison ivy plant.  Read How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Rash if you have
already been afflicted.
You Can Get Rid of Poison Ivy
Don’t even think about burning poison ivy because
it is about the worst thing you can do.  The oil will
release into the air and spread over a large area,
and ingesting the oil into your lungs can cause
some pretty serious health problems.  
Never Burn Poison Ivy
This article is intended to educate and entertain.  The author of this site does not accept responsibility for any damage or injury
resulting from information dispersed on this site.  Always check with experts when dealing with dangerous substances and situations.
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Dispose of poison ivy in a sealed plastic bag.
Once you have killed the plant and removed the roots, the proper way to get rid of poison
ivy is to tightly seal it in plastic bags and throw it away.  Do not put poison ivy in a compost
heap or recycle it with other lawn refuse.  These are thoughtless and irresponsible actions.
Dispose of Poison Ivy Properly
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