Maggots Up Close
What Maggots Like
Stop maggots before they become a
problem.  Maggots come from fly
eggs which hatch only 8-20 hours
after they are laid.  Kill the flies and
there will be no fly eggs in your
home.  Efficient fly swatting is an art
form.  Different camps prefer different
styles.  Some people prefer the
challenge of swatting without a store
bought fly swatter, some like to swat
flies in mid-air, some like to catch flies
mid-air and body slam them.  It’s a
very exciting field!
Maggots are disgusting, there's no getting around it.  
These fly larva love to gorge themselves on rotting
and decaying food and garbage.  Chemical pesticides
will not get rid of maggots so you need to follow some
common sense strategies.  Boiling water is a sure way
to kill these buggers, as is freezing.  Of course, you
can always nip the problem before it begins by
swatting the flies in your home before they lay eggs.  
If you are looking for some fun, use a beer trap.  Good
luck with your maggot mayhem.
Maggots like to feast on moist rotting or decaying food.  A bit of raw meat or
chicken and moldy fruits and vegetables are a banquet for these squirmy, slimy
creatures.  Take great lengths to throw away all waste appropriately.  Seal all
trash containers tightly and tie up your plastic bags.  Use covered waste
baskets.  Remove your trash on a regular basis.  In other words, stop being a
slob.  Wise up and stop making your home a maggot vacation spot.
Get Rid of Maggots  
Boiling Water
Maggots are easily eradicated using
some pretty simple techniques. One quite
effective technique is to simply pour
boiling water on maggots.  Maggots are
not fast moving and they are sitting ducks
for any kind of human torture.  Think of
yourself as a regular James Bond villain as
you insidiously pour boiling water on the
maggots.  Death is instantaneous.
Don’t panic if maggots have already
set up camp
in your home.  A brief
screaming spell is to be expected,
but then you need to settle down.  
The blanching queasy feeling in your
gut can easily be calmed as you
determine your best way of ridding
yourself of the revolting maggots.
Settle Your Stomach
They don’t work.  Incredibly, modern science has not come up with a chemical
way to keep our homes maggot free.    There are products available containing
permethrin or pyethrum that purport to end maggot problems.  They come in
spray, powder and fog formats and they are somewhat effective, but not 100
percent.  Considering the toxic qualities of insecticides, why would you steer
away from the swat, boil or freeze alternative?
Chemical Pesticides
What if you don’t have the heart for scalding maggots?  You can always
freeze them.  Place the maggots in a zip lock bag and throw them in the
freezer for a day or two.  That will do the trick.  Just be careful when you reach
into the freezer for some frozen noodles to zap in the microwave.  Mmmm, a
delectable midnight snack!
For The Kinder Killer
A few of our favorite maggot sites.  Check them out for great information.
Bugspray Blog                                Get Rid Of Things                                                                                                                                             
Yahoo Answers                              How To Kill Maggots
One of the greatest maggot videos ever.
This is a fun way to lure maggots to a wonderful death.  Place a shallow dish of
beer in the vicinity of a maggot infestation.  Maggots will be lured to the brew
and will be drowned in another alcohol related death.
Beer Traps
There are excellent products available online.   
Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Home and
Garden Store.  They even have a special section for
Pest Control.  Amazon is the largest online purveyor
of pest control products.
Maggots come in swarms.
Repulsive, filthy disgusting and repulsive to the nth degree.  These
are just a few adjectives for maggots in your home.  Maggots are baby
flies between their egg and their protective cocoon states.  Maggots
are hatched from fly eggs and immediately start eating and eating and
eating (and eating) until they go into a cocoon, or pupa state.  They
emerge from the pupa stage as full grown adult flies, they mate, and
the whole process starts all over again.  Luckily, you can easily get rid
of gross maggots.
These people really enjoy their maggots
You Can Get Rid of Maggots
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