Japanese beetle
Japanese beetles are incredibly destructive pests that eat foliage from your trees and plants, leaving
only the skeleton of the leaf.  Japanese beetles are voracious eaters and they can come in swarms.  It is
important to get rid of Japanese beetles as soon as you see them in your yard.  Much research has been
put into Japanese beetle control and there are several effective ways to eliminate them.
Traps are Tricky
Commercially available traps work in one of two ways.  They emit the smell of
pheromes attractive to Japanese beetles or they emit the smell of food that Japanese
beetles like.  The beetles are lured to the smell and fly into the top of a bag from which they
cannot escape.  These traps are very effective.  Too effective, in fact, because they draw
Japanese beetles to your yard  from other areas.  If you use a trap, place it far away from
your garden and empty the bag regularly.
Netting – Ugh
Another effective way to control
Japanese beetles is to place netting over
your bushes.  Japanese beetles really
enjoy rose bushes and rose bushes are an
appropriate sized plant to put netting.  
The downside, of course, is that you can’t
enjoy your beautiful roses.
You Can Easily Make a Spray
Insecticidal soap.  The term sounds a little scary, but it is simply a mixture of soap, oil and
water that you can mix yourself and apply to foliage to get rid of Japanese beetles. Using an
empty spray bottle, mix a teaspoon of dishwasher detergent and a teaspoon of oil (any oil
will do – cooking, vegetable, olive, etc.) with tap water.  Spray the Japanese beetles with
the mixture.  You should spray both the tops and bottoms of all leaves in the area for
completely effective control.
Milky Spore
Milky spore is a commercially available product that
kills Japanese beetles and their grubs that grow in your
grass.  It is a bacteria that attacks many insect,
including Japanese beetles.  It is applied to the grass
where it kills the grubs.  Milky Spore takes three years
to be fully effective, but since it is a growing bacteria it
will last up to ten years.  You might want to consider
Milky Spore in the long term health of your lawn and
Get Rid of Japanese Beetles
Neem is a Neat Idea
The neem tree (found in India and
southern Asia) produces an oil that is
repugnent to Japanese beetles.  Neem
products combine this quality with an
commercially made insecticidal soap to
provide double protection against
Japanese beetles.
Japanese Beetle Damage
There are several chemical insecticides that will kill
Japanese beetles.  Insecticides should be used as a last
resort due to toxic nature of the product.  Never spray
insecticides on or near your vegetable garden.  Always
follow the label directions carefully.
Japanese Beetles Won’t Eat …
Consider yourself lucky if your lawn contains any of the following:  
Maple trees, boxwoods, boxelders, oaks, magnolias, hollydogwoods, ash trees, holly trees
and lilacs.  Japanese beetles do not eat these plants.
You Can Get Rid of Japanese Beetles
Left unchecked, Japanese beetles can do tremendous damage to trees, roses and other plants on your lawn.  However,
you can control Japanese beetles.  Traps work, but they may attract more beetles to your lawn.  You should keep traps far
away from your garden.  It is easy to make your own insecticidal spray using water, oil and dishwashing soap.  Neem products
kill and repel Japanese beetles and commercially available insecticides will also work.
Milky Spore
Sites and Blogs about Japanese Beetles
A few of our favorite Japanese beetle sites are Thyme for Herbs,  Garden Web,  How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles Naturally, and The Beetle Invasion.  These
sites are fonts of information for getting rid of Japanese beetles.
You Can Get Rid of Flies
There are excellent products available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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