Hello, I'm a hornet's nest!
Hornet Identification
Hornets and wasps are often mistaken.  They are different insects, but both are fearsome creatures that can
sting repeatedly and cause serious allergic reactions in some people.  Hornets are black and ivory colored, while a
wasp is black and yellow.  Hornets tend to be less bothersome to humans because they build their nests high off the
ground in trees, shrubs and under eaves.  Unlike wasps, hornets are not drawn to sugar and sweets so they spend less
time in areas trafficked by humans.  Luckily, you can get rid of hornets.  But you have to be very careful in this task.
Fascinating Hornets
Hornets attack and feed on their natural prey.  Fortunately,
humans are not their natural prey, but they will attack
anything that threatens is nest.  That may mean walking to
close to the nest or accidentally disturbing it.  Hornets will
gather and attack in swarms.  They can aggressively sting many times.
If you kill a hornet, a pherome will be released that will attract other
hornets to the area.  Your thoughts at this point should be “I’d best be leaving this area.”
You Can Get Rid of Hornets
Hornets have a highly developed sense of survival that compels them to fiercely attack anything that disturbs
or threatens their nest.  They feed on protein so keep all fish, meat and other proteins tightly wrapped and
sealed.  You can catch hornets with a home made trap that lures them with raw meat.  If a hornet’s nest is
uncomfortably close, carefully (very carefully) spray it with insecticides purchased online or in-store.  Carefully
monitor your health if you are stung by a hornet because some people are seriously allergic to hornet stings.  Good
luck in your battle against hornets.  
No Food For You!
Hornets eat protein.  That means it eats other critters for their meat (it’s a cruel world up in
the skies).  Keep all protein tightly sealed.  Meat, fish, should always be wrapped tightly
before being thrown away.  Trash cans should be tightly sealed and removed regularly.  
There is nothing a hornet loves more than a rotting piece of meat or fish, so do not throw
these in compost heap.  You may as well place a neon “Hornets Welcome” sign in your yard.
There are many commercially available insecticides
that will get rid of hornets.  They come with spraying
attachments that allow you to assault your attack from
a (relatively) safe distance.  You should wear heavy,
protective clothing when you spray a hornet’s nest.  
Spray the nest at night when the hornets are sleeping
(hey, hornets need to sleep too).  Attempt to spray into
the opening of the nest and try not to break the nest.  
The chemicals work almost instantly.  Be sure that your
hornet annihilation is complete and total.  You must kill
all the hornets, especially the queen, or the colony will
regroup and build another nest.
Get Rid of Hornets        
Catching Hornets
You can make a home-made trap to
catch hornets.  Fill the bottom of a plastic
soda bottle with water, sugar, vinegar
and a dash of dish washing soap.  Place a
piece of raw meat above the meat.  Put a
siphon on top of the bottle.  The siphon
should be large enough for the hornets to
squeeze through.  The will quickly drown
in your enticing solution.  
Hornets Fiercely Defend Their Nest
Insecticidal Sprays
Hornets are actually beneficial insects.  
They prey on undesirable insects and
pests that would otherwise do damage to
your yard and landscape.  Hornets do not
harm plants in any way.  Hornets are
usually less aggressive to humans than
are wasps.  So you may want to think
twice about getting rid of hornets if you
find a nest.  Why bother with the danger
of destroying the nest if it is far removed
from you and you are relatively safe.
Hornets Really
Aren’t That Bad
You are in grave danger of being stung by a hornet if you disturb their nest, walk near their
nest, breathe near their nest, make loud noises near their nest … you get the idea.  If you are
stung by a hornet, monitor yourself closely.  Some people are highly allergic to hornet stings.  
Get medicare attention immediately if you have trouble breathing or swallowing.  If your only
sympton is the intense pain caused by the sting, apply a ice compress immediately to reduce
the rate at which the hornet venom travels.  Then apply a cream with benadryl to reduce the
swelling and pain.  
Hornet Stings
Do not disturb a hornets nest.
Sites and Blogs about Hornets
A few of our favorite hornet sites are How Stuff Works,  Stern Environmental Group and Fatal Funnel - 6 Wasp & Hornet Traps. These sites are fonts of
information for getting rid of hornets.
There are excellent products available online.  Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Home and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for
Pest Control.  Amazon is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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