A Grub as Davinci would have drawn.
Grubs eat grass roots, killing the grass and causing islands of brown patches in your beautiful green grass.  Grubs
are beetle larvae, most likely the larvae of Japanese beetles.  Japanese beetles mate in late June and early July
and lay their eggs in ground.  The eggs hatch in a few weeks and feed on your grass from late July through
early September.  It is easy to get rid of grubs, but timing is very important if your treatment is to be successful.
Where to Look For Grubs
You should look for grubs in areas where green grass meets brown, areas with
well-watered soil, sunny sections of your yard and places where you have seen Japanese
beetles.  Ironically, well watered lawns are a haven for grubs.  Your yard will be an oasis for
grubs if you maintain good soil moisture while your neighbors do not.
You Can Get Rid of Grubs
Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles and they feed on grass root in mid to late summer, causing brown
patches of dead grass in your otherwise healthy lawn.  Luckily, you can get rid of grubs naturally, organically, and if
need be, chemically.  Milky Spore is a bacteria that is very effective against grubs and lasts for years.  Beneficial
nematodes eat grubs and transmit a bacteria that kills them. These products should be applied in late spring or
early fall.  Commercial products are available that will kill grubs quickly at the height of their feeding season.  Good
luck in clearing up your grub-challenged lawn!
Do You Have Grubs?
It is easy to determine if you have grubs.  Simply use your hands to pull back the brown
patches in your lawn.  Grub infested grass will have no roots and the brown turf will be easy
to remove.  Grubs should be visible in the top inch of soil beneath the grass.  Five or more
grubs in an area of one square foot mean you have a grub problem.
Milky Spore is really a bacterium that grows and spreads
throughout your lawn after you apply it.  It is fascinating stuff
because it only kills grubs, leaving other beneficial critters
safe.  The best time to apply Milky Spore is late spring and
early fall.  The beauty of this product is that it is organic.  It  
uses no chemicals and  is long lasting.  Once the bacteria
spreads it will live in your yard and keep get rid of grubs for up
to ten years.
Get Rid of Grubs
Grubs Are Yummy
Other animals love to eat grubs.  If
skunks, raccoons and moles and digging
holes in your yard, chances are they are
eating your grubs.  Bad for the grubs, and
bad for you too.  
Grubs under turf.
Milky Spore
You may need to use chemicals to get rid of grubs at the height of their feeding frenzy
(late July through late August).  Popular products are Sevin, Mach 2, Scott’s GrubEx and
Ortho Grub-B-Gone.  These products come in powder, dust and liquid form.  Their
methodologies for killing grubs differ, but they are all equally effective.  The downside of
using chemicals, of course, is that the toxins seep into your yard and stay there killing
other beneficial insects.  The chemicals eventually are washed into the water table and
spread through the water basin.  Not the best thing!  An alternative is to use a natural
ingredient like Neem oil.
Chemical Treatments
Attract birds with a bird feeder or a bird
bath.  Birds have an uncanny ability to
peck out grubs for a nice tasty meal.
Yes, you do want to water your lawn.  
No, you don’t want to water it too
much.  Grubs like to chew on moist wet
grass roots.  You should monitor
watering so that your grass gets enough,
but not too much.  It really is an art!
Don’t Overwater
Nematodes are microscopic worms that feed on grubs and transmit bacterium that
kills them.  They are completely safe to humans, pets and other beneficial insects.  
Nematodes are available online and at home and garden centers.  They are applied with
a spray and are should kill the majority of your grubs.
Milky Spore
More than five grubs in one square foot is a problem.
Sites and Blogs about Grubs
A few of our favorite grub sites are  KC Garden,  Ezinearticles, Natural Treatment for Lawn Grubs and  Helium - How to Get Rid of Grubs.   These sites are
fonts of information for getting rid of grubs.
There are excellent products available online.  Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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