Hello.  I am an annoying gnat.
The word “gnat” is used to describe a number of small, swarming, pesky creatures.  These pests
include non-biting fungus gnats, midges, biting flies, punkies and the always popular “no see um” insect
of lore and fame.   These annoying creatures relentlessly bother you with constant buzzing and
bumping as they mount a tenacious non-stop assault on your sanity.  Gnats, however, can be
controlled and repelled with a few simple remedies.  (Darn gnats!)
Slow Moving Gnats in Your House
The fungus gnat and the related fruit fly are drawn to your
home because it is a welcoming environment.  Also known as vinegar flies, these
gnats love the smell of rotten food, vinegar and overwatered plants.  These gnats live for
about four months and spend most of that time laying eggs for future generations of gnats.  
It is important to employ measures to get rid of gnats as soon as they appear in your house.
Detestable Outdoor Gnats
These are the gnats that drive people
These irritating, swarming, biting,
annoying pests can really ruin an outdoor
gathering.  Other common terms for
these insects are midges, biting flies,
punkies and no see ums.  DEET, the
always outdoor companion, is an excellent
way to repel them.  Yes, products that
contain DEET leave an unpleasant odor
and a bit of a greasy feeling, but they
really work very well.  Citronella candles
also deter gnats to a lesser extent.
Can I Trap Indoor Gnats?
The fungus gnat can be trapped with an easily made home remedy using vinegar.  Gnats
and fruit flies are attracted to the smell of vinegar.  Place some vinegar and sugar (dish
washing detergent and vinegar also works) in a jar with a screw on cap.  Punch holes in the
cap like your childhood firefly jar large enough for the gnats to enter.  Most gnats will not be
able to get out and will drown in the vinegar.  Several traps will work better than one.  It’s
not the best smelling solution, but it is effective.
Keep Indoor Gnats Away
Once you’ve made an attack on the existing swarm of gnats,
you need to take steps to making your home less hospitable to
them.  Immediately discard of any food that has potential of
being rotted, over-ripe or moldy.  Check your garbage cans and
the surrounding area to make sure no rotting food has
accumulated in a corner.  Your sink drain should also be checked
throroughly.  Place any over-watered plants outside to dry out
before returning them to an inside position.  
Get Rid of Gnats
You Can Repel and Trap Gnats
You can trap and kill indoor fungus gnats and the related fruit fly with a simple
homemade vinegar trap. It is important to do so before they lay their eggs.  You should also
elimate any decaying and rotten food and check other areas that food may accumulate.   
Outdoor gnats, known by several other names, are virtually impossible to trap.  The flying
range of midges, biting flies and their like preclude a satisfactory trapping environment.  It
is best to simply repel these gnats with commercially available products containing DEET.
You can make your own gnat trap.
A Fruit Fly and Gnat Trap
DEET products work!
Sites and Blogs about Gnats
A few of our favorite gnat sites are Wise Geek, Associated Content, Thrifty Fun and Monster Guide.  These sites offer riches of information for getting rid of
You Can Get Rid of Flies
There are excellent products available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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