The are several anti-gas products.
What Causes Gas
There are only two places where
gas can escape the body and your
mouth is one of them.  A good belch
will temporarily relieve you of excess
Excess gas can be a physical and social bother.  Gas
comes from gulping down air while drinking and
eating.  It also comes from foods high in fiber, and
lactose intolerant people can not consume dairy
products.  Simple changes in our diet can reduce
unwanted gas.  A food diary will help pinpoint sources
of gas problems and drugstores stock a large
selection of commercially available and organic
problems to stop and prevent gas.  Good luck with
your struggle with gas!
Gas is formed in your stomach from
a couple of sources.  The first is the
air that you gulp down while eating and drinking.  The second is your body’s
inability to fully digest certain foods.  Luckily, both sources of gas can be easily
monitored and controlled with simple diligence.
Get Rid of Gas  
Drinking Habits
Air that enters your body while eating and
drinking is a major source of gas.  Drinking
through a straw introduces an alarming
amount of air, as does drinking soda, beer
and other carbonated beverages.  You
know what happens when you open a
soda that has been shaken.  Do this
experiment:  Drink six Cokes and jump on
a trampoline for fifteen minutes.  It’s a
It’s refreshing to use the word
“fart.”  It seems to be a rude word
but it’s really not that bad.  An
experienced farter knows that there
is a place and a style for every
occasion.  Just for fun, conduct a
google search for “farting
techniques.”  It’s a gas!
Foods that are high in fiber are major culprits in gas
production.  Most of these foods are good for you –
fruits, vegetables, beans and grains.  Your body
needs fiber so you should not remove it from your
diet.  However, you can regulate its consumption.  
Be aware of foods that are fiber rich and eat them in
smaller quantities.  You can also help your digestive
system by taking smaller, more frequent, meals.  
Large meals tend to tax your system and make it
difficult to process all the foods without excess gas
build up.
lot of air with your food.  Take smaller bites and chew thoroughly before
swallowing.  You dinner and after-dinner companions will appreciate it.
Eating Habits
Sites and Blogs about Gas
A few of our favorite gas  sites.  Check them out for great information.
How Stuff Works                                Get Rid of Things                                                                                                                                          
eHow                                                 How To Get Rid of Stuff
One of zillions of fart videos
Dairy products contain lactose and a lot of people do not have the necessary
enzymes to can digest lactose.  The result is flatulence, bloating and stomach
pains.  Many people do not realize that they are lactose intolerant, but a simple
food diary will pinpoint the problem.  Write down what you eat and when you have gas.  There should be a
fairly obvious correlation over time between foods and farts.  If you are lactose intolerant simply cut dairy
out of your diet and drink lactose free milk.
Lactose Intolerance
Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Health and
There are excellent products Personal Care Store.  
Amazon is the largest online purveyor of health and
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We have all been there -- too much gas in our bellies and an intense desire to
blow it out.  This usually occurs in a crowded elevator or a closed auto.  What to
do, what to do?  Incredibly, a thorough search of Ann Landers reveals no sound
advice so we are left to our own devices about getting rid of gas.  Your body
produces gas naturally.  The average person has fourteen flatulent episodes
daily.  It’s the excess build up in gas that becomes problematic and there are
short term and long term solutions to solve this problem.
The international No Gas sign.
Everyone has gas!
Science can take a surprising course.
Gas-X, Bean-O and other
commercially available products work
by providing you with the enzymes
needed to break down indigestible
sugars and carbohydrates.  The
biggest problem with these products
is going through the check out line.  
Thank goodness for self-service
check outs!
Over The Counter
Yogurt contains lactase, the enzyme required to break down lactose.  A yogurt a day helps to keep the
gas away. Pepto Bismol contains the naturally occuring element bismuth.  Taking a small quantity of
bismuth with meals will reduce bloating and neutralize the odor of your flatulence.  Ask any college football
coach about Pepto Bismol.  They love the stuff!
Organic Remedies
You may want to seek medical
advice if you experience ongoing gas.
 If altering your diet and eating
habits does not work you may have
IBS.  This problem is easily remedied
by restricting food that irritate your
bowel like coffee, cigarettes and
spicy food.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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Ear wax forms at the ear canal entrance.
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