An old yarn tells of earwigs climbing into your ear while you sleep and promptly eating
your brain for dinner.  Have no fears, this story is completely unfounded.  
However, earwigs can do a bit of plant damage outdoors and are a bit disgusting
indoors.  They are black or brown insects with a distinctive pincer tail with two inward
pointing claws. They are often mistaken for cockroaches.  Earwigs will munch on some
plants but rarely do significant damage.  Earwigs may produce a painful bite but they
contain no poison.  Fortunately, getting rid of earwigs is rather easy.
Make a Trap
Earwigs love moist damp places and you can build your own trap to capture
them.  Loosely roll up a newspaper and tape it into a cone.  Place the cone in
your garden overnight, and voila, in the morning you will have a cavalcade of
earwigs.  Earwigs are nocturnal, and after their night time foray they will crawl
into the paper for their final resting spot.  This solution won the 1968 award
for “Easiest Pest Trap to Make.”
You Can Get Rid of Earwigs
Earwigs are rather repulsive creatures that cause slight plant damage outdoors, but wig people out
indoors.  They are brown or black with a distinctive pincer tail.  An earwig trap is easily by leaving a rolled
up newspaper in your garden overnight.  Clear your house and foundation of any possible earwig entry
points and congregation areas.  Boric acid is a natural earwig solution, as are birds and vacuuming (if you
consider vacuuming to be a natural thing).  Think about getting sodium lights to reduce earwigs around
your home.  If all else fails, go for the pesticides.  Good luck in your engagement against earwigs!
Don’t Let Earwigs In
Earwigs are not the world’s most aggressive pest but they will take an
opportunity to invade your home.  Make it hard for them.  Check your
foundations and windows for possible points of entry and seal them up.  Take a
caulk gun to cracks, crevices and holes around your home.  Check your windows
for openings around the sills and for torn screens.  Repair promptly.  
Actually, they should be called Anti-Bug lights.  Consider replacing your
outdoor lights with yellow sodium bulbs.  Earwigs and other bugs are less
attracted to the light emitted by sodium lights.
Get Rid of Earwigs        
Birds love to eat earwigs and other
troublesome garden pests.  A bird
bath and a bird feeder will invite birds
into your yard.  Bird food and water
are a small price to pay for a natural
earwig repellent.
Bug Lights
Boric acid (also known as borax) is a
natural remedy for earwig control.  Boric
acid is a naturally occurring mineral that
contains microscopic, razor sharp particles.
Earwigs need to travel through the boric
acid for it to be effective so it should be
applied in areas where you have seen
earwigs.  The acid will cut their bodies and
act as a desiccant to dry them up and kill
Boric Acid
Earwigs in your home are easily
vacuumed.  Be sure to dispose of
the earwigs properly by emptying
them into an airtight plastic bag.  
Earwigs are only active at night, so
you will need a good flashlight or
perhaps a miner’s helmet.
Home and garden centers carry many commercially available
pesticides that will kill earwigs.  Granules and dusts are more
inside and outside earwig infestations.  Remember that
pesticides contain poisons, so read all instructions carefully
and only use as directed.
Pest Control from
offers a comprehensive list of brand name products at
inexpensive cost in their Home and Garden Store.  They
even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon is
the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
Sites and Blogs about Earwigs
A few of our favorite black earwig sites are Planter's Place,  The Wisconsin State Journal,  Yahoo Answers and The Village Garden Web.
These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of earwigs.
Earwigs cause minimal plant damage
Boric acid
Earwig Video
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