Ear wax forms at the ear canal entrance.
Too Much Ear Wax
This simple remedy works with
regularity.  Tilt your head and use an
ear dropper to fill you ear with
hydrogen peroxide.  Let it sit for a
few minutes then flush out with
warm water.  Even if this does not
work, you will have experienced the
pleasing sensation of bubbling in
your ear!
Ear wax is a produced naturally by your ears to
protect them from infection and damage.  Ear wax is
only a problem when excessive amounts of wax build
up.  Use oil drops for a week to loosen and soften
your ear wax, then gently flush the wax out with
warm water.  Hydrogen peroxide may also be used to
remove ear wax.  Never, ever, never, ever insert a
cotton swab or any other object into your ear.  
Serious and long lasting damage can easily result.  
Good luck in your crusade against excessive ear wax.
Hydrogen Peroxide
Occasionally your ear will produce too
much ear wax.  Excessive ear wax may
cause earaches, hearing loss, ringing
in your ears and balance problems.  
There are a few simple steps you should take to easily and effectively remove ear
wax.  No expensive potions or lotions are required.  You may want to examine
pharmacy concoctions and medical treatment if excessive ear wax continues.
Get Rid of Ear Wax  
Vastly Important Warning
The old saying “Don’t ever put anything
in your ear larger than your elbow”
crucially important when dealing with ear
wax.  You should never, repeat never, put
cotton swabs or any other object in your
ear.  The accidental damage caused by
swabs can be devastatingly painful and
create long-term hearing problems.  And,
they are the worst thing you can do to get
rid of ear wax.  They simply tamp down
and impact the existing wax.
Studies show that diets high in
Omega 3 fatty acids retard ear wax
buildup.  Foods like fish, nuts and
avocados all contain Omega 3 fatty
acids.  Heck, it’s healthy and reduces
ear wax.  A win-win situation if there
ever was one.
Yet another Benefit of Fish
You will be ready to gently remove your excess ear wax after a week of oil
treatments.  Purchase a plastic bulbous  syringe squirter and fill it with warm tap
your ear.  Gently squirt water into your ear canal to flush away the loosened
wax.  Do not force water into your ear at a high pressure.  Serious injury could
Flush Your Ear
Place a few drops of olive oil or baby oil in your ear to loosen and soften your
ear wax.  Use an ear dropper and tip your head until you feel the oil oozing
into your ear canal.  You should repeat this process twice a day for one week.
Oil Your Ear
Sites and Blogs about Ear Wax
A few of our favorite ear wax sites.  Check them out for great information.
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An Ear Wax Video
Simply rub the outside of your ear with a towel.  Nature will do the rest.  Again,
do not dry your ear with a cotton swab.  You may want to place a few drops of
rubbing alcohol in your ear if it remains clogged.  Some people prefer close
personal friends to blow into their ear, a rather nice tactic.
Dry Your Ear
There are excellent products available online.   
Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Health and
Personal Care Store.  Amazon is the largest online
purveyor of health and personal care products.
Ear wax gets a bad rap.  There is nothing wrong with some good
healthy ear wax, yet people are adamant about removing it.  Here’s
the scoop on ear wax.  It’s good stuff that serves a useful purpose.  
Your ear canal contains glands that produce ear wax to protect and
moisturize your ear and ward off infections.  Ear wax also traps foreign
objects like dirt and dust from entering your ear.  
You Can Get Rid of Ear Wax
This is certainly a nice assortment of ear droppers.
Never insert cotton swabs into your ear.
The always popular ear syringe!
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Ear wax forms at the ear canal entrance.
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