Remember when you thought deer were cute?  Well, maybe you’ve changed your mind now that they
have invaded your neighborhood and munched on your plants.  Deer populations have exploded in suburban
areas over the past fifteen years because humans have created a wonderful environment for them.  Deer
love to eat young plants, trees and shoots normally found at the perimeter of forests.  But we have cut down
the forests as we have built more and more homes, and our backyards have become their feeding ground.  
Deer numbers are growing rapidly because we have eliminated their natural predators like wolves and
coyotes.    Getting rid of deer is not the simplest thing to do.   There are several strategies that work, but
you must be vigilant.
Deer Repellents
There are three different types of deer repellent.  Contact deer repellents are liquids that
your spray on your plants.  Deer do not like the smell and taste of contact repellents and will
pass over the sprayed plants to feed on other things.  Area deer repellents come in liquid,
powder or granular form.  They should be applied around the zone you want to protect from
deer.  Area repellents give off a terrible odor that deer do not like.  Finally, electronic deer
repellents work by emitting sonic and ultrasonic sound that scare and irritate deer.
Row Covers
Protect your garden plants from deer with row covers.  There are two types.  Some row
covers are lightweight enough to simply drape over your plants.  There are also row covers
that are bit more rigid which can be suspended over your plants.  Both are equally
effective at stopping deer from eating your plants.
You Need a Strategy
While all three types of deer repellent work, they won’t work forever.  Deer are smart to
adapt to any one of the repellents.  You must use a number of different methods and be
persistent in if you really want to get rid of deer.  Try rotating different types of repellents
and be sure to continue your efforts habitually.  Reapply odor  and taste based repellents
after a period of hard rain and occasionally move sound based electronic deer repellents.
A Really Really Big Fence
Fences are the only way to make sure
that deer stay off your property.  
However, deer are incredibly good
jumpers so the fence needs to be 8-10
feet high. A shorter fence will not work.  
Most homeowners do not like the idea or
the expense of such a huge fence.  An
electric fence will work by giving the deer
a quick zap, but it might not be the best
solution is you have children, dogs or cats.
Get Rid Of Deer
Shiny Things, Hair and Anti-Deodorant Soap
Placing small mirrors and gazing balls in your garden has been known to temporarily get
rid of deer.  They sense the movement of their own reflection and are scared away.  Bags
of hair (human, dog or other) will scare away deer because they sense the smell of a different animal.  Similarly,
the scent of anti-deodorant soap is repugnant to the keep olfactory senses of deer.  Hanging deer from branches
close to your garden will work.  Hair and soap, however, will only work for awhile until the deer acclimate
themselves to the smells.  Like commercially purchased deer repellents, these tactics must be altered over time
and swapped with other strategies to get rid of deer.
Deer Repellents Absolutley Work
Corrugated Plastic
Drain Pipe
Deer try to work their antlers loose by
rubbing them against your trees.  This
happens in the fall when deer are trying to
shed their antlers.  This can seriously
damage your tree bark, allowing insects and
other unwanted matter to enter.  Your trees
can experience stunted growth and even
death.  Slicing some corrugated drain pipe
will allow you to wrap your tree trunk and
save your tree.  The piping can be used year
after year.
What Deer Do Not Eat
An effective way to get rid of deer is to
plant things that deer do not eat.
should visit your local nursery or garden
center to get an idea of plants that do well
in your area.  Common plants that deer do
not eat are carnations, black-eyed susans,
daffodils, lily-of-the-valley, foxgloves,
alyssum and poppies.  You can create a
beautiful deer resistant garden with some
careful planning.
You’re In
OK, urine.  Human urine, coyote urine,
wolf urine, etc.  Go buy some and squirt it
around the areas you want to keep free of
deer.  Sure …
You Can Get Rid of Deer
It’s not easy, but you can keep deer away from your plants, shrubs and trees.  Deer repellents can be sprayed on
plants, around plants, or placed in the vicinity of plants that deer feed on.  You can protect trees by placing plastic
corrugated drain pipes around the trunk.  Row covers may be placed on top of your garden plants, or you can plant
things deer do not eat.  Shiny objects, bags of hair and soap are also deer repellents.  Of course, you may also want
to build a 10-foot wall around your property and squirt urine around the perimeter for good measure.  Deer are
not going away soon, but can get rid of deer in your yard by mixing up these tactics and being persistent and
consistent in your approach.
This stuff works!
An unconventional way to get rid of deer.
Sites and Blogs about Deer
A few of our favorite deer sites are Get Rid of Things, How To Get Rid of Stuff and eHow.   These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of deer.
There are excellent products available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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