Jiminy Cricket, this is a cricket.
Imagine a lazy summer evening, crickets chirping while you relax outside and enjoy a peaceful sunset.  
Wonderful, huh?  Now imagine the same crickets chirping inside your house.  Not so pleasant anymore, is it?  
Cricket chirping in your home is one of the most annoying noises known to man.  What’s more, crickets will eat
virtually anything.  Clothes, silk, wood, wallpaper and cotton are all delicious meals for a cricket.  It is important
to quickly get rid of crickets when they invade your peaceful confines.  
Cut Your Grass
Crickets love tall grass.  A neatly mown short-cropped yard is a great place to start in your
efforts to get rid of crickets.  You will notice a sharp drop in outside crickets as soon as you
mow your lawn.  Fewer crickets outside mean fewer crickets are likely to find their way
You Can Get Rid of Crickets
Beautiful outside, annoying inside.  Crickets can drive you bonkers with their incessant chirping.  One cricket alone in
your home is bad enough, but four or five can drive you mad.  Luckily, it is easy to get rid of crickets.  Keep your grass
short and keep lawn debris and compost piles away from your foundation.  Check the perimeter of your house for cracks
and crevices where crickets may enter.  Clean out your gutters and remove garbage regularly, and turn off or reduce
bright lights outside your home during cricket season.  You can make your own cricket trap with a solution of water and
molasses, and you can purchase bug sprays and poisons that will kill crickets.  Good luck in your valiant effort to get rid of
Seal Off Entryways
Make sure that crickets do not have easy access to your house.  Check your siding to make
sure there are no cracks.  Caulk and seal any crevices or holes immediately.  Check screens
for holes and windows that have been left cracked open.
Crickets like to feed on your garbage.  Make sure
you regularly remove garbage from your home and
place in a tightly sealed receptacle.  Crickets also love
to live and breed in thick, moist yard and lawn
clippings.  Remove any clippings from the perimeter of
your house and keep your compost pile far away.
Get Rid of Crickets
Make Your Own Trap
Cricket traps are easily made at home.  
Simply half-fill a jar with molasses and
water.  Nearby crickets will be lured to this
mixture.  They will jump in, but they won’t
be able to jump out once they hit the
solution.  Cricket drowning will quickly
occur.  It’s a good idea to throw out the
dead crickets regularly.
Cricket Control in Cambodia
Garbage and Debris Control
A good tactic to get rid of crickets
is to keep your gutters and rain
spouts clear and clean during the
summer months.  Crickets like the
moist leaves that gather in gutters.
 Annual spring cleanings should do
the trick.
Bug Sprays and Poisons
There are many bug sprays and liquid poisons
available that will kill crickets.  They are very effective,
but they contain toxins that should be administered
with care.  Never use poisons if young children or pets
could ingest them.  
Crickets are nocturnal animals, coming
out at night.  They are attracted to bright
white lights that you may have in your
yard.  Turning off your outdoor lights will
reduce the number of crickets coming
close to your house.  If you need to have
the lights on, consider lower wattage
lights, or yellow bug lights.
Turn Off the Lights
Cricket Damage
Luckily, crickets do not do a great deal of damage
unless there is a very large infestation.  You should call
a professional if you have an inordinately large
Cricket Traps
Fried Crickets are a delicacy in Cambodia!
Sites and Blogs about Crickets
A few of our favorite cricket sites are Wisegeek, EcoSmart, Liquidity Preference and Do It Yourself Pest Control.  These sites are fonts of information for
getting rid of crickets.
There are excellent products available online.  Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name products at inexpensive cost in their Home
and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for Pest Control.  Amazon
is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
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