Corns come in two varieties
Corn Identification
Medicated pads are not
recommended by the American
Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  
They irritate the skin unnecessarily
and may cause infection.  
Non-medicated corn pads relieve the
pain and do no harm, but they will
not resolve corn problems.
Corns are simply the build up of dead skin cells that
frequently appear on your feet due to excessive
rubbing from ill-fitting shoes.  The best way to
prevent corns is to wear sensible and comfortable
footwear.  If you already have corns, soften them in
warm water, dry completely, and then rub off the
dead skin.  Repeat until gone.  A myriad of home
remedies purport to remove corns and they are all fun
to try.  Good luck in your campaign against corns.
Corn Pads
Corns are thickened skin that appears as a cone shaped mass, often yellowish
with a dark inward center.  They start small but will grow as pressure and friction
repeatedly injure the skin.  Larger corns can become quite painful and can
become ulcerated.  Hard corns appear on the top of your toes and bottom of your
feet while soft corns can show up between your toes.
Get Rid of Corns
Only One Think Causes Corns
The root problem behind corns is constant and
repeated friction and rubbing, so …
Corns do not always occur on the
feet.  They appear on the fingertips
of guitarists and the palms of
gymnasts.  In these cases, the corn
protects the underlying skin from too
much rubbing and friction.
Good Corns
Rub them off.  It is that simple.  Corns are nothing but dead skins so why not
to doing so and it takes a little patience and diligence.  Soak your feet in a
warm solution and Borax for 15-20 minutes to soften the skin.  The boric acid in
Borax is a very weak acid that will exfoliate the dead skin cells. Take an emery
board, pumice stone, file or even sandpaper and gently remove the soft,
loosened portion of the corn.  Repeat this process daily until your corns have
disappeared before your very eyes.
Why, why on earth do people wear tight-
tipped, high-heeled, poorly-fitting and
oftentimes homely footwear?  Vanity, stupidity
and excellent shoe salespeople are the top
three reasons.  It’s time to stop the madness
of shoes and boots that grind against your
feet in the most bothersome of places.  Do not
wait until corns become painful reminders of
your poor choice of footwear.  Be reasonable
with your shoe selection and you will be corn-
free, guaranteed.
Stop Wearing
Ridiculous Shoes
Sites and Blogs about Corns
A few of our favorite corn  sites.  Check them out for great information.
Blurt It                               How To Get Rid of Stuff                                                              
I Love India                       eHow
Corn Video from eHow
There are excellent products available online.   
Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Health and
Personal Care Store.  Amazon is the largest online
purveyor of health and personal care products.
Corns are very simple to understand and correct.  They are a type of
callus that form as a result of repeated friction against the skin.  Corns
are most likely to occur on the feet because of the damage caused by tight,
ill-fitting shoes.  They will appear on the tops of toe joints and the soles of
your feet.  In fact, corns will appear wherever there is constant rubbing that
kills the top layers of skin and make it harden.  Fortunately, getting rid of
corns is a simple as the reason they exist.
You Can Get Rid of Corns
Here are some favorite home remedies to get rid of
corns:  Borax, iodine and bran, cocoa butter, a slice of
lemon applied to the skin, papaya and pineapple, Indian
squill (what, you don’t know what Indian squill is?),
green figs and the leaf sap of the aak plant (surely you
know what an aak plant is), oil of oregano and cider vinegar.  All these remedies
have the same theme.  Find a weak acid to help exfoliate the skin, then rub it off!
Home Remedies to Remove Corns
Corns are a type of callus, kind of like squares and rectangle!
The Simple Corn Remedy
Ill-fitting shoes cause corns.
Indian Squill
Placing a soft barrier between your
toes will stop them from rubbing
together.  A huge controversy has
arisen in podiatry circles between the
benefits cotton balls or lambs’ wool.  
Personally, I prefer the wool of a yak
(which you can pick up when getting
your aak plant).
Cotton Balls or Lambs’ Wool
Seperating your toes relieves pressure.
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