The German Cockroach is the most common pest in American homes.
Cockroaches multiply quickly.  If you see
a roach in your house, chances are that
there are thousands of others in your
walls, vents, ducts and virtually any other
warm, moist location.  Roaches feed at
night.  If you see one during the daytime
that means that there are too many to
support only nighttime feeding.   Act
Roach Multiplication
The Fearsome Yellowjacket
There are many commercially available products available that work
very effectively to get rid of cockroaches.  They work ingeniously.  The
dust scratches the exoskeleton of the cockroach preventing it from
retaining moisture.  Slowly, but surely, the roach dies.  Dusts can be
combined with other chemicals and toxins that will kill the roach
more quickly.  Dust treatments are a good way to get rid of large
colonies of cockroaches because the dust sticks to their bodies and
they spread the powder and related chemicals to other roaches.
Dust Treatments
Cockroach Poisons
Pymetherin based products are available in liquid, paste and get formats.  The should be
placed in moist places where cockroaches may live and also around the entryways to your
house.  Like any poisons, these products are toxic and great care should be used around
children and pets.  
There are home remedies that attack wasp nests, but you really want to have confidence in
these techniques.  If they fail, you may be the recipient of a fierce wasp strike.  Commercial
wasp killers do work and we recommend their use.  Projectile sprays are available that will
allow you to squirt poison into above-ground nests from 15-20 feet away.  You don’t want to
get much closer to a nest of enraged wasps.  Drench the nest, trying to spray into the
opening if you can.  Spray at night when the wasps are sleeping in their nests.  Be sure that
you have an escape route in case the wasps come at you.   
Attack Above-Ground Nests
The Yellow Jacket is a Wasp
The American Cockroach really came from Northern Africa.
Cockroaches are one of the most reviled pests, detested for their filth, saliva, excrement and all-round
disgusting nature.  They scurry along your floors and counters, on your food and cooking utensils.  They
carry germs which cause diseases and can instigate bouts of food poisoning and dysentery.  Roaches
can also exacerbate asthma.  Getting rid of cockroaches is important for many reasons of sanitations and health.
Types of Roaches
There are many types of cockroaches, but it is the German cockroach that has become the
most common is the most common pest household throughout the world.  The German
cockroach thrives in almost any environment but prefers warm air.  They often reside in
heating vents, duct and furnaces.  Two other common roaches are the American cockroach
which loves moist environs, and the Oriental cockroach (widely considered to be the
standard bearer for grossness) that will often be found on rotting and decaying food.  
Get Rid of Cockroaches
Clean Up and Shut Up
Cockroaches love filth.  Rotting food and garbage are very attractive to roaches.  So are
dark, moist areas such as drainpipes, leaky pipes, the insides of walls, vents, ducts and
crevices in cabinetry.  Actually, roaches can live almost anywhere so you want to make your
entire living space uninviting to them.  Go on a cleaning binge, disinfecting every counter,
wall, window sill and open surface you can get to. Remove all food and tightly seal garbage
cans.  Search out and caulk any nontraditional entry points to your home such as cracks
under siding, window casements and outdoor water faucets.  Keeping a clean,
hard-to-enter environment is paramount if you are to get rid of roaches for the long term.
Traps are an effective strategy to
capture and kill roaches.  Bait lures the
roach to a sticky surface from which the
roach cannot escape.  Many brands of
“roach-motels” are available in stores and
online, and they all work very well.  The
only problem with roach traps is that they
might only be fighting the tip of the
iceberg.  Roach infestations involve
thousands of pests.  It is impossible to
traps every roach if you have reached that
Roach Traps
You Can Get Rid of Cockroaches
Bags and Boxes
Roaches like to live in paper bags and
cardboard boxes.
 They travel well, and
can easily survive a short trip in a grocery
store bag or a long trip in a cardboard box
from a warehouse across the world
(cockroaches are incredibly hardy).  Check
all your paper products to make sure they
have not become a welcome home for
cockroaches in your house.
It seems impossible, doesn’t it?  The cockroach has been around for billions of years, yet you can get rid of them.  
Well, you can get them out of your house, but isn’t that what you really want?  The heck with the Jones’ next door!  
Cockroach infestations can contain thousands of cockroaches hiding in warm, moist pockets in your home.  Use dry
dust treatments for very effective, yet slow, control.  Liquid and gel pesticides work faster, but contain more harmful
toxins.  Roach baits and traps work, but they will not get rid of large infestations.  Thoroughly cleaning your house is
a must-do step to keep cockroaches away, as is keeping your house dry and free of moisture.  Good luck in your
battle against cockroaches.
The Oriental Cockroach is considered to be the most disgusting roach.
Keep It Dry
A dehumidifier is a staunch weapon
against cockroach infestation.  Roaches
tend to live in wet, moist places.  Arid air
makes for an inhospitable environment for
roaches. Also, check for leaks and drips
and dry them up immediately.  You can’t
keep your sink drain dry, but you can get
rid of cockroaches residing in the pipes by
pouring a bleach mixture down the drain
and reapeat for several days.
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