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DEET repels chiggers.
Head Lice
Chiggers are also known as mites, specifically harvest mites.  They are very tiny red creatures that
bite and cause extreme itching.  Chiggers are related to spiders.  They attach themselves to a pore or
hair follicle and then promptly inject digestive enzymes into your skin, dissolving your tissue to make into a
mushy meal for itself.  The digestive enzyme (known in the industry as “spit”) causes an allergic reaction that
itches insanely.  The bites look like stand-alone pimples surrounded by a red area of irritated skin.  Bites can
take several weeks to heal.   Luckily, you can get rid of chiggers and their amazingly itchy bites.
Take Away Chigger Homesteads
Chiggers love to live in tall grass and weeds.  They love the shade and protection of a
poorly cut lawn.  They bite and feed when they are growing larvae.  To feed, the larvae will
climb to the top of a blade of grass and attach itself to whatever passes by.  Keeping your
yard short and neat will significantly reduce mite populations on your property.
Ear Wax
You Can Get Rid of Chiggers
Chiggers are tiny red arachnids that bite you, feed on you, then move on to their next
host or to lay their eggs.  Chigger bites itch like crazy.  Also known as harvest mites,
chiggers live in tall grass.  Keeping your grass short will greatly reduce chigger populations.  If you see a group of
chiggers in your foliage (they will look like a bunch of red dots), spray the area with an insecitcidal soap.  Use DEET to
repel chiggers and dress wisely when going for a hike in the woods.  Treat chigger bites with hydrocortisone cream and
do not scratch.  Wash the bite and your clothing immediately after being bitten.  Good luck with these itch-mongers!
Attact Chigger Populations
Chiggers tend to populate areas that are dark, shady and dank.  You may see a host of
mites in garden foliage or bushes.  An insecticidal soap will effectively kill the chiggers.  You
do not need to spray your entire yard, just the affected areas.  You can easily make the
insecticidal soap by mixing a teaspoon of dish washing detergent and cooking oil (any type)
in a spray bottle filled with water.  Repeat the spray treatment weekly for about a month to
completely get rid of chiggers.
Bad Breath
You may want to dress aggressively to
protect yourself from chigger bites if you are
planning a hike in the woods.  Long pants and
shirt sleeves reduce the area available for
chigger bites.  Tuck in your clothing and wear
your socks above your pant legs.  Pay special
attention to your waistband, sock tops and
knees.  Chiggers love to bite in these areas.
Get Rid of Chiggers
DEET, baby, DEET
Products containing DEET work very well
to keep chiggers off your body.  DEET is a
proven, safe chemical that is available
everywhere.  Some people don’t like the
taste and smell of DEET.  Chiggers don’t
like it either!
Protective Clothing
If you are bitten by a chigger, wash the
area immediately with soap and hot
water.  Wash your clothing too, on the
hottest temperature setting.  
Foot Odor
Removing Chiggers
Chiggers bite humans all the time.  
However, what they really love are small
rodents like mice.
Canker Sores
It’s Not Just You
Chigger Bites
Athlete's Foot
Once you are bitten by a chigger, there is little that can be done to remove the toxins
from your body.  Apply an itch-reducing hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion.  Do
not scratch.  Scratching will only make the itching worse and could cause infection.  
Razor Bumps
Chigger bites are amazingly itchy!
Crab Grass
Sites and Blogs about Chiggers
A few of our favorite chigger sites are How To Get Rid of Stuff,  Thrifty Fun,  Bukisa and Blurt It.  These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of chiggers.
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