The ever not popular centipede
A great debate among pest observers centers on the question:  Which is more
gross, the millipede or the centipede?  My vote goes toward the centipede.  
There are few creatures as repulsive as the centipede.  While they do no
damage to your home, most people go to great lengths to get rid of these foul
pests on the general principle alone.  Fortunately, it is relatively easy to get rid
of centipedes.
Centipede or Millipede?
Which arthropod has invaded your house?  Centipedes tend to grow 1-2
inches long while millipedes can sometimes reach 3-4 inches long.  Centipedes
have far fewer legs, usually 15 pairs.  Millipedes have two legs for each
segment of it’s body and leg count can sometimes reach 60-100.  Centipedes’
legs are longer and centipedes move much faster.  Centipedes are usually tan
or gray in color and they show banded coloring, while millipedes are darker
brown, red or black.
You Can Get Rid of Centipedes
Centipedes are rather harmless and thoroughly repulsive pests.  They pose no serious threat to
health or property.  They reside in mulch and dark damp places outside your home before entering
through cracks and crevices to winter inside.  Keeping a dry environment with a dehumidifier or fan
helps to repel centipedes, and they are easily vacuumed and trod upon.  Good luck in your campaign
against centipedes!
How Bad are Centipedes?
To be honest, a few centipedes can actually be
beneficial around the house.  They eat other pest
that we really don’t want around – bed bugs,
termites, silverfish and others.  And while we’re
being honest, centipedes don’t harm your home in
any way.  They bite very rarely and pose no health
threat when they do.  So why get rid of centipedes?  
Again, we go back to their general overall
Centipedes need moisture to survive.  A
dehumidifier will make an inhospitable environment.  
Sometimes a fan will do the trick.  Check all faucets
and spigots for leaks.  Poor gutter maintenance
leads to unnecessary moisture so check your rain
spots to make sure they are unclogged and draining
water away from your house.
Get Rid of Centipedes        
Suck ‘em and Stomp ‘em
Centipedes are not the easiest
critters to pick up because they dart
so quickly.  However, vacuuming is a
very effective way to get rid of them.  
Just be sure to throw away the bag
or empty the filter immediately.  You
can also go old school with a good old
fashioned stomp fest.  Be forewarned
of the downside of squishing
centipedes – the centipede clean-up.
Dry ‘em Up
Sealing entry points is always a
good strategy for any kind of pest
control.  Give your house a good
examination for cracks, holes and
crevices that centipedes use to come
into your home.  Caulk is the
Plug Your Cracks
Chemical Control
Centipedes enter your home in late fall for warmth.  Centipedes live 3-7 years
and they winter inside structures.  Centipedes like dark, damp places and will
congregate in the mulch around your foundation before entering your house
when the weather turns cold.
Check Your Mulch
These two organic products work in the same way.  They come from natural
sources and are harmless to humans and pets.  Sprinkle either of these products
(available online and in stores) in the vicinity of your centipede problem.  The
dust will stick to the centipedes when they travel through the treated area.  
Boric acid and diatomaceous earth both feature razor sharp microscopic particles
which will cut the exoskeleton, then act as a dessicant to dry out the centipedes.
 Very effective and very natural.
Boric Acid and Diatomaceous Earth
There are excellent products available online.  Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Home and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for
Pest Control.  Amazon is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
Sites and Blogs about Centipedes
A few of our favorite centipede sites are Stretcher, Get Rid of Things, How to Get of Stuff and eHow.  These sites are fonts of information
for getting rid of centipedes.
Not a centipede
A common house centipede
People really detest me!
You can easily kill centipedes with
commercially available with aerosol
sprays, liquid sprays and dusts.  with
the utmost care and protection
against you and the environment.
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