Telltale Markings of the Black Widow Spider
Black widow spiders in your home are a serious, serious matter.  Black widow bites are
rarely deadly (about three people per year actually die) but getting bit by one is no picnic.  
Their bite will cause nausea, muscle cramps, vomiting and intense pain.  The most susceptible
victims of black widows are the young, old and infirm.  You will want to get rid of these
fearsome spiders immediately if they are in your house or yard.
Black Widow Bites
Black widows are actually quite shy.  They will
not bite unless they feel threatened.  However,
inadvertently walking by their web could be
construed as threatening.  A bite will feel like a
sharp sting of a needle.  Symptoms will occur in
15-30 minutes as the spider toxins are released
into your body.  Seek immediate medical attention
if you have been bitten.  
You Can Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders
Black widow spiders do bite when they are threatened. Their bites are very unpleasant, causing great
bodily distress.  Black widows are easily identified by a distinctive red or orange hourglass marking on their
abdomen.  Pesticides are recommended due to the seriousness of the danger they impose.  Make efforts
to remove black widow spider hang outs by removing all clutter other dark, damp place and seal any entry
points around your home.  Eucalyptus and horse chestnuts also act as a deterrent to black widow spiders.
 Good luck and take care as you remove these dangerous creatures!
Black Widow Identification
Female black widows are easily identified with a shiny black body and a
round abdomen.  The abdomen will have a red or orange hourglass mark, like
two inverted triangles.  Females can grow to 1-1 ½ inches, about the size of a
quarter.  Males are less distinctive.  They grow to about half the size of the
female and have longer legs.  They are brown or gray and have a banding
Black widows (and all spiders) like dark sheltered places so check your
home and yard for such areas.  Ivy and ground covers are wonderful places
for black widows to congregate.  Clean up all wood piles and cut shrubbery
appropriately.  Pick up clothing, newspapers and boxes that may be lying
around in your home.  A general “tidying-up” will go a long way in removing
havens for black widows.
Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders        
Black widow webs are not
geometrical like many other spider
webs.  Their web construction is
random and haphazard but it is one
of the strongest spider webs.
Destroy Spider Hang Outs
It may be prudent to used
tried-and-true pesticides to kill black
widows quickly because these spiders
pose such a serious health threat.  
There are sprays, dusts and liquids that
work to repel and kill black widow
spiders.  As always, use chemical
pesticides safely and follow all label
directions carefully.  These are poisons
and should be used responsibly.
Check for Cracks
If you elect not to use commercially
available pesticides, vacuums and
shoes will help you get rid of black
widow spiders in your home.  
Stomping is the preferred tactic.  
The problem with vacuuming is
destroying the black widow after
you have sucked it up.  Be very
careful when killing black widow
spiders.  Black widows are
nocturnal so be prepared for night
time work.
Vacuums and Shoes
Eucalyptus emits a smell that spiders do not like.  Placing eucalyptus branches
around you home will act as a deterrent.  Similarly, horse chestnuts will also
keep black widows away.  Installing a bird feeder in your yard is also a good
strategy to get rid of lots of unwanted pests.  Birds spend all day eating critters
like black widow spiders.
Organic Deterrents
There are excellent products available online. Amazon offers a comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their Home and Garden Store.  They even have a special section for
Pest Control.  Amazon is the largest online purveyor of pest control products.
Sites and Blogs about Black Widow Spiders
A few of our favorite black widow spider sites are Gavan Central, The Pine Tree, Desert USA and the always venerable National
Geographic.  These sites are fonts of information for getting rid of black widows.
This is always important when
dealing with pests that enter your
home.  Close off all entry points for
black widow spiders by caulking
cracks, crevices and holes around
the foundation and walls of your
Get medical attention immediately for black widow bites.
Black widows spin irregular webs
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