Athlete's Foot Spray
Athlete's Foot
Signs of Athlete’s Foot
Athlete’s foot is a stubborn bugger.  
It will take 4-6 weeks to fully
eradicate your personal foot fungus.   
Continue to apply your fungicide for a
few weeks after your condition clears
up to make sure the fungus is dead
and gone.
Athlete’s foot is a painful, itchy, unsightly condition
that is caused by fungi that love dark, moist
environments.  The best way to fight the fungus is
with fungicides that are available in cream and
powder form.  Soaking your feet daily in a salt,
vinegar or oil solution also aids in eliminating the
fungi.  Athlete’s foot takes 4-6 weeks to eradicate so
diligence and patience are required to fully get rid of
it.  Keeping your feet, shoes and socks dry and clean
is an important strategy in fighting athlete’s foot.  
Good luck in your attack against athlete’s foot.
Curing Athlete’s Foot Takes Time
Athlete’s foot causes dry and itchy skin with a colorful rash.  Your foot may
develop a scaly appearance and your skin may become hard and crackly.  Not
only does athlete’s foot itch, but it can also be painful and produce a burning
sensation.  Sometimes you will develop blisters and your skin may even bleed a
bit.  (Hey, this is not a pretty picture!)  Athlete’s foot can travel from your feet to
your groin (jock itch, baby) and armpits.  (Now the picture is getting worse.)
Get Rid of Athlete‘s Foot
Treating Athlete’s Foot
The best way to treat a fungus is with a fungicide.  A quick trip to
the drugstore will reveal that there are umpteen different anti-
fungal products available.  The reason for this is two-fold.  First,
athlete’s foot is a very common affliction.  Secondly, athlete’s foot
is caused by one of three fungi:  trichophyton, epidermophyton
floccosum and microsporum (don’t worry; there will not be a test).  
Different products treat the various fungi with different levels of
success.  All the fungicides will work, but this is a case where you
may have to try different brands for optimal results.
Soaking your feet for 10-15 minutes in Epsom Salts is a time honored aid for
athlete’s foot.  Other folks swear by the diluted bleach and water soak, the
vinegar soak, the tee tree oil soak and the mouthwash soak.  They all provide
your feet with a hostile environment for your fungi.  And then there is the “pee
on your foot” solution.  Human urine contains urea which fights athlete’s foot.  
It works, but do you really want to pee on yourself?  Hey, it's a free fix!
The fungi that cause athlete’s foot love damp, moist environments.  Go out of
your way to dry out your feet and feet-related accoutrements.  Completely air
out your shoes when they are off your feet and consider rotating them.   Better
yet, go shoeless.  You have to love sandals!  Completely dry your feet after
showering.  A blow dryer does the trick nicely.  Wear dry, clean cotton socks and
never wear them twice in a row.
Athlete’s Foot Hates Dryness
Sites and Blogs about Athlete's Foot
A few of our athlete's foot  sites.  Check them out for great information.               Gerry Restrivera on ezine articles                                                                                          Lucinda Roth on eHow
Athlete's Foot Video
There are excellent products
available online.   Amazon offers a
comprehensive list of brand name
products at inexpensive cost in their
Health and Personal Care Store.  
Amazon is the largest online
purveyor of health and personal
care products.
Athlete’s foot is a nasty, irritating, itchy, painful and downright unpleasant condition.  Also
called tinea pedis, athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that thrives in moist, warm, dark
environments.  Popular breeding grounds for these fungi are bathroom and locker room floors,
and once you pick them up the fungi will continue to thrive in your shoes (provided they fit the
description of moist, warm and dark).  Athlete’s foot is easily contracted but it is also easily
eliminated.  It just takes a bit of time and diligence.
You Can Get Rid of Athlete’s Foot
Once you have gone to the trouble of getting rid of
athlete’s foot, don’t be foolish and get it again.  Wear
sandals in the shower, go barefoot and wear outdoor
sandals whenever you can, wear breathable shoes and
socks, and avoid contact with others who have the
fungus.  It spreads like wildfire!
Avoid Getting Athlete’s Foot Again
Home Remedy Soaks for Athlete’s Foot
You need to treat more than your
feet.  Fungicide powders are
available for your shoes and socks.  
If you don’t kill these fungi they will
quickly attack your feet again and the
cycle will continue.
Treat your Shoes and Socks
Epsom Salt
Clean cotton socks are a must.
The always popular shower sandals.
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